Candy buffets have become increasingly popular at weddings, and now you will find many guests have come to expect something sweet in addition to wedding cake!

Here are some of the reasons people choose to have a candy buffet at their wedding:

  • A candy buffet is fun and customisable! You can select specific candies that you enjoy, that are fun, and that can be themed to your wedding colors and theme.
  • A candy buffet can be economical! It can often be a more economical approach to desserts when most venues charge a flat amount per person for a dessert assortment.
  • A candy buffet can be a beautiful addition to your decor! Of course it will depend on where you have your candy buffet displayed, and how it is lit. Bright colors, cool display jars, and lighting under the cloth on your buffet will have people talking and taking pictures too!
  • Set it up early and create anticipation! Watching your guests walk in and get excited about helping themsleves to some sweets later will add to the joy you feel on your wedding day
  • At a candy buffet your guests serve themselves! Your guests choose what they want and how much they want. It's also a lovely way for them to take home a little memory of your special day- that is if they don't get eaten before then!
  • A candy buffet will get your guests on their feet! We all love it when the wedding crowd mingles and dances. Creating another destination in addition to the bar, restroom and dance floor will increase the mingle odds by 33%!
  • A candy buffet syas "Thank You" to your guests in a sweet way! Candy says thank you before the thank you notes get sent!

Let us assist with planning a fabulous candy display for your wedding!

We also create fab custom wedding favours, customise photobooth props and provide full event styling services to create a truly memorable day.

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